Database Recovery

How Hardware Partitioning Works in SQL Server

Learn about Hardware partitioning in SQL Server, why you should do it, how does it help If you want to make it easier for yourself to make sense of your SQL Server databases along with easing down its maintenance process, then it is advisable that you partition your SQL Server databases. It is important to note that partitioning and splitting in SQL Server are two different processes, and for partitioning a database, you do not have to split it. Partitioning can be done by simply putting...

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Why You Need to Safeguard Data Present in Your SQL Server Backups

Learn about the common risks and problems that your backed up data is facing, and how to deal with them. Backing up data in SQL Server is surely something that you should do unfailingly, but that is not all that you need to do to keep data safe. Ensuring the safety of data in the backup is also an important point to consider. For all the different backup options that are available to you in SQL Server, you also need to keep in mind that they are being stored in clear text format, which can...

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6 Real World Tips to Keep Your MS SQL Server Database Healthy

Learn how to maintain the health of your SQL server database with these quick and simple tips. As a SQL Server DBA, you need to make sure that your database is always in the best of health. This might seem like something challenging, but is technically something that does not take up too much time and energy, provided you perform certain activities regularly. Much like we as humans monitor our health regularly, we also need to monitor the health of our database regularly. This can be done...

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