Database Recovery

Quick tips to recover a corrupted SQL Server Database – A Primer

The very thought of a corrupted database can give nightmares to database administrators who are entrusted with the critical task of managing valuable business data. There may be several reasons including firmware compatibility issues that can lead to a SQL server crash. Moreover the application is known to be vulnerable to antivirus scans which may interfere with its workings. Given the chances of data corruption, most SQL server administrators in large organizations tend to keep an adequate...

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Data Quality Services in SQL Server – A Primer

With the advent of social media, Smartphone and a hyper connected world, we are in throes of an information revolution. A company today tends to receive huge volume of data from which valuable actionable intelligence can be garnered. However even the best Business Intelligence tool will fail to deliver relevant results if the underlying data is vague or error prone. A lot of the data that enters into the SQL database may go unmapped if they do not conform to parameters necessary for BI...

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Try SQL Server Express without blowing your budget

Nearly every piece of brilliant software application that you can find today is priced in a manner that it can be purchased by its target audience. The MS SQL server and some of its top competing products too have a price benchmark which may appear steep for small businesses. Given the fact that the cost of a product is keeping a huge section of its possible audience away from its flagship database product, Microsoft decided to unleash the SQL Server Express edition which is available...

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