Database Recovery

Consider both the benefits and drawbacks of using Functions in Queries

The MS SQL Server is considered one of the most versatile database applications in vogue today and it packs in quite a punch to ease your work. Now while you are creating queries to run on the SQL Server database, you can include functions in them. While most database professionals from a programming background are well versed with functions, others may be hesitant to use them. Essentially functions are pieces of reusable code that can be called in whenever necessary to execute a series of...

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Can WordPress Run Successfully on an SQL Server Backend

The WordPress CMS platform today is counted as the most popular Content Management System in vogue today. It boasts of an ardent fan following and thousands of websites run on this trusted open source platform. Typically the WordPress CMS has been used on the LAMP technology stack with MySQL being the backend to facilitate its awesome capabilities. However many organizations who are predominantly on a Windows environment may wish to run a WordPress intranet site on a SQL Server backend. Given...

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SQL Server 2014 Introduces Delayed Durability

When it comes to IT systems scalability is a huge buzz words. Everyone wishes to create robust and scalable systems that can be dynamically upgraded, however it is hardly easy to execute in practice. In some cases you need to come up with innovative solutions to deal with tricky issues. Let’s take a corporate application that runs perfectly for most part of day except for certain hours where a higher number of people log-in and update data. During those peak hours transactions take a huge...

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