Zip File Recovery

ZIP Repair and Recovery Solutions by DataNumen

ZIP is an archive file format that contains one or more files or compressed folders, permitting files to be compressed using a variety of methods. In addition, ZIP can store files without compressing them. In a ZIP archive, all files are compressed individually. This makes it possible to add new files and extract old ones without the need to compress or decompress the entire archive. ZIP files are easy to create and can hold a vast amount of data, making them an excellent choice for saving...

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A Quick Guide to Dealing with a Broken Zip File

When it comes to sending data files in bulk, most of us prefer to send them in zip archives. Today zip files are commonly uploaded on websites and shared across corporate networks. However this ubiquitous format is prone to errors and it is quite possible that you have already come across a broken zip file. Zip files may get corrupted owing to a myriad of reasons and these may range from headers inconsistencies to transfer errors. A zip file may simply get corrupted while it gets downloaded...

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What can you do to recover zip file?

Have you ever downloaded a Zip file and realized it wouldn’t unzip because it was either corrupt or hadn’t downloaded properly? Then only to find yourself stuck with the frustration of having to either download it again or worse, worry about how you were going to salvage what was once inside that important zip file? Don’t worry, it’s happened to everyone at one point or another, or at least will eventually, and when that time comes you really want to have one of the web’s most...

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