Zip File Recovery

Quick tips to tackle “unsupported compression method” error messages when working with zip files

The popularity of zip files has led to the proliferation of numerous zip archive applications. While you may be familiar with some of the leading names such as WinZip and WinRaR, there are countless other zip applications that you may not be familiar with. Many of these of applications or certain versions tend to support compression methods which are typically not supported by all zip archive applications. What causes an unsupported compression method error message When an user decides to...

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Quick tips to extract multiple Zip files from a damaged pen drive

Computers today have become the backbone of our economy and we tend to use them everywhere. It is quite possible that you work on a different machine at your office while you use your own laptop for personal work at home. Even in your home, there is chance that there are other systems for your family members. Given this proliferation of machines, you often need the help of pen drives (also known as USB flash drives) for transferring data from one machine to another. Pen drives give you the...

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How to Deal with ‘Not a valid Archive’ Error when Opening Zip File

When it comes to using computers, error messages tend to be a common occurring. From your typical file not found errors to blue screen of death, most computer users have learned to deal with common error messages that computer programs throw at them. However when it comes to zip files, some errors messages can really make your life miserable as you hardly expect them to come up in the first place. Imagine you go to your favorite website and download a popular music file or software in form...

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