Zip File Recovery

Quick tips for uploading Zip files via FTP

With internet becoming the primary medium for global communication, more and more companies these days tend to use their websites for information dissemination. In other words you will find a host of documents, guides, marketing materials etc are typically made available on the website instead of being sent to individual employees or customers directly. Much of these files uploaded on the internet tend to be in the zip format. One of key reasons which makes the zip format so popular amongst...

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Quick tips for compressing your Jpeg Image collection

Over the last two decades, digital cameras have simply changed the way we look at pictures. Today we simply just need to point at anything that catches our fancy and we can have the image for everyone to view.  This is a sea change from the times when images stored in photographic films had to physically developed in a dark studio to be viewed. Today an average computer user is likely to have hundreds, if not thousands, of images stored on his system, all snapped from cameras and mobile...

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Creating split Zip files – A Primer

The amount of data proliferating our world today has reached monumental proportions. Even an average user may have today data running into tens of gigabytes if one takes in account their music and video collections. At times such data needs to be securely backed up and one the best way to do so involves using a zip application to create encrypted zip archives. While you can store the entire data one single zip file, often the need of splitting up a file comes into focus given the restrictions...

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