Archive and Backup File Recovery

Use Increased Zip Capacity of 64 Bit Zip files to create effective Backups

Our computers today are more than just tools that we use to execute our work. Over time they become huge repositories of data, including our images, critical business information and correspondence. The mere thought of losing your data can give you nightmares and thus most of us prefer to backup our data. One of the best ways to securely backup your data involves zipping your important files together into a single archive. However the file size limit of 4 GB enforced by the zip format seemed to...

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A quick comparison guide to zip compression by file types

With every passing day we tend to store more and more data onto our computers and suddenly you may find yourself running short of disk space. In such a scenario you may be tempted to zip a bunch of your files, say your image or video collection to save on disk space. However before you undertake such an exercise, you need to understand which file types can be compressed the most and which files hardly shrink when we zip them. Word files and text files are a good bet for zipping One of...

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Dealing with flashing while opening a zip file

In our day to day work, we often need to use zip files for storing or transferring data. While working with zip files and their related applications is quite easy, sometime unexpected issues can crop up. These can range from corrupted zip files to intricate error messages that can leave you clueless about their cause. However one of the most curious errors that I have noted while using zip files is the flashing on the screen. At first I was quite perplexed about what might have caused the same...

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