Data Backup

6 Useful Solutions to “An operating system wasn’t found” Error

If you meet up with the error saying “An operating system wasn’t found”, you can have a look at our article which will discuss it today and offer 6 effective methods. Booting problem occurs randomly in a mass of forms. Today we will talk about a specific error which mentions “An operating system wasn’t found”. If you meet up with the same problem, then you can take a look at our article and find ideal solutions for your own case. 1 Check connection The first thing that you...

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8 Solutions When iCloud Fails to Back up Your iPhone Data

One of the most effective ways to prevent iPhone data loss is to back up your iPhone regularly. Some users prefer to use iCloud. But, at times, iCloud may fail as well. In this case, you can make use of the 8 solutions introduced in this article. Similar to backing up your computer data to prevent data loss or corruption, like PST corruption, you can back up your iPhone to safeguard your iPhone data. And as we all know, there are two built-in backup methods in your Outlook. One is via iTunes...

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6 Steps to Fix “Cannot Restore Backup” Error when Restoring Data from iCloud to iPhone

iCloud plays a vitally important role in iPhone data backups. But, at times, you may encounter some issues when attempting to restore backups from iCloud, such as the error- "Cannot Restore Backup". This post will teach you to fix it in 6 easy steps. Without any doubts, much data must have been written into your iPhone. Thus, you are surely reluctant to come across iPhone data loss. In this case, data backup for your iPhone becomes increasingly significant, in that backup will help you a lot...

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