Data Backup

Is It Necessary to Encrypt Your Backup Data?

When it comes to securing data, encryption will occur to our mind in the first place. Now, other than the original data, some are considering whether it is necessary to encrypt the backup date. This article will discuss about this in detail. Encryption is a process to protect your data via a secret password, pass phrase or other types of encryption keys. In this way, you could prevent the encrypted data from being accessible by those who don’t know the correct encryption key. Hence, such...

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Is It Right to Back up to an Internal Hard Drive?

Some users hope to back up their computer data to its own internal hard drive. But actually, they’re still confused about whether it is right or not. This article will look at this issue and point out its pros and cons. When it comes to protecting data, one of the most effective means is regular and up-to-date data backup. For instance, if you have backed up your PST file, when it gets damaged for some reasons, you can easily recover PST data from the backed up PST file. Increasing users...

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6 Best Backup Storage Solutions for Business Data

Data loss is quite catastrophic for businesses. Thus, businesses should make great efforts in effective data backups. Now, this article will share 6 best backup storage solutions for business data. With no doubt, in comparison to individuals, businesses will suffer much greater loss in case of data loss. Generally, common computer users will just encounter file corruption like damaged Outlook data files, which actually can be recovered most of time. However, in contrast, data losses in...

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