Data Backup

What to Do If Backup Drive Is Out of Space?

Many users may have ever encountered such a case where their backup hard drive is out of space. In this article, we’ll share you what to do under this circumstance. No matter what type of drive you use for your data backups, it will absolutely run out of storage space one day with more and more backup data stored. Therefore, you don’t need to get panic when your backup drive is out of space. It is advisable to consider all potential factors and take the most suitable solutions....

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Is It Right to Back up to a USB Flash Drive?

Many users are wondering whether it is right to back up their data to a USB flash drive. In this article, we will discuss about this question in detail. When it comes to making regular and effective data backups, the first important question to be considered is which type of backup storage device you should use. Generally, we always suggest using an external hard drive for local data backups. Yet, many users would like to make use of a USB flash drive. Since USB flash drive is portable,...

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Is It Right to Compress Your Backup Data?

To save the drive space, many users may select to compress their backup data. Yet, there are some users who are still suspecting whether it is right. Hence, in this post, we will look at this issue and expose its pros and cons in detail. More and more users have understood the significance of data backup in that the backup data will make future data recovery much easier. For instance, if you have backed up your Outlook data file, even if original file gets corrupted, you still can recover...

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