Data Backup

4 Common Encryption Solutions for Your Data Backups

To secure your data backups, you may want to encrypt them. If you haven't decided an encryption solution, you can read this article. Here we will elaborately introduce 4 common encryption solutions for backups. The main reason why you back up your data is that the data is important and you don’t want to lose them. Moreover, most of time, some of the encrypted data may contain sensitive information. In this situation, perhaps not only do you want to back up them, but also you'll need to...

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3 Easy Steps to Safely Erase Your Hard Drive

In such a case that you want to start using a hard drive from scratch, you will need to erase the drive. Yet, even so, you may still be reluctant to lose the drive data. So, in this article, we will guide you to safely erase your hard drive. To erase a hard drive refers to wiping all information of the drive completely. It is not the same as deleting all files on the drive or formatting the drive. For instance, after you format a hard drive, in reality, experienced data recovery software...

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What to Do If iCloud “Back Up Now” Option Is Greyed out in iPhone?

When you intend to back up your iPhone data by iCloud but find the "Back Up Now" option is greyed out, what can you do? This article will focus on this issue and show you some effective solutions. So as to protect iPhone data, you may be accustomed to backing up your iPhone. By this means, even if iPhone is reset to factory settings, you still can recover data from backups effortlessly, which is like PST recovery from backups on PC. Then, what backup tool do you usually utilize? Is it iTunes...

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