Why We Can’t Remove Outlook Add-In?

When we attempt to remove Outlook Add-In, an alert about errors will arise. In this article, we will look at the reason and solutions.

When it comes to Outlook Add-Ins, chances are that many people would be perplexed about them, and even have never noticed them. In fact, Add-In is an indispensable element in any software. The same true holds for Outlook. Since Add-In is seldom concerned, it is usually located at secluded places.

If we haven’t yet encountered any errors involving Add-Ins, we could certainly neglect them all the time. But sometimes we may meet some problems, such as meeting request always stuck in Outbox, which requires us to check and remove some Add-Ins. However, as removing, we will see a dialog which tells us that only administrator can connect or disconnect the installed Add-In. That is to say, we, common users, have no right to remove them.The Alert When Removing Outlook Add-In

Why we have no right to remove Outlook Add-In

The main reason why we cannot remove Add-In is that the Add-In is installed for all users on this computer, not the current users. Maybe many people haven’t paid attention to a choice during installing software. When we installed software, Windows will surely inform us of this choice. If we just ignore it and click “Next”, Windows will set it for “all users” by default. Thus in this case, internal Add-Ins will run for all Windows accounts. While only administrator can be behalf of all accounts.

How to run as administrator to remove Outlook Add-In

  1. For a start we should close Outlook properly.
  2. Then go to Start Menu, and find Outlook.
  3. Right click the Outlook shortcut and select “Run as Administrator” option. If we don’t see this option, we can press “Ctrl + Shift + Alt” to display the whole list as right click the shortcut meanwhile. After selecting, Outlook will run as administrator.Run as administrator in Start Menu
  4. Next we should locate the Add-In. Go to “File” menu and click “Options”.
  5. In the window of “Outlook Options”, we could click the penultimate one, “Add-In”.
  6. Later click “Go” button at the bottom to open a new dialog of “COM Add-Ins”, in which we can pitch on specific add-in and click “Remove” button.Locate Outlook Add-In
  7. Finally click “OK” to return to Outlook.

How to restore Outlook files after crashes

As we all know, Outlook cannot escape from errors. One day, Outlook crashes may occur by accident. In the event of Outlook crashes, we should not panic. If we have backups, it will be much convenient. Besides, we could also resort to third party software like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which is specialized in Outlook recovery. It will scan and repair corrupted files with its top-of-the-line recovery ratio.

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Shirley Zhang is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com

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