Can You Protect Your Backup Files from Corruption?

Good data management involves a protocol for backing up your files as you are working. The idea of the once or twice daily system backup will not be enough to prevent you from everything that can go wrong and suddenly make a primary file unreadable within Word or Excel. Both of these programs have their own internal automatic save settings but, even then, that can still not work as well if what is being saved is already damaged. While you can perform Outlook repair and SQL recovery using a variety of menu bar tools, third party software programs, or the services of a data recovery specialist it is best to try and protect as much of your data as possible.

Tricks to maintaining clean backups Computer Backup Files

Much can go wrong within a computer that can lead to data error. If you are performing SQL recovery using one of DataNumen’s programs, you may get a log report that shows an error occurred outside of the program environment. Firmware bugs are a common issue. Firmware refers to the installed programs on the system that are required to keep your system running. When firmware goes wrong, it can affect the whole drive.

When creating a backup protocol, it is wise to be backing up not just to another directory, but to an external drive. An external drive has its own firmware (and that can go wrong as well), but it will not be affected by any collapse on the primary system. Another good trick is to make it a habit to fully exit out of a program several times during the day. This helps to clear the cache and prevent any problems from occurring with your working and backup files because of clutter.

Fixing the visual

With certain actions, such as Outlook repair techniques, you may get your data back with some extra things included. Occasionally, the under coding of a Word document will become written into your file. The most current Word versions come preset to write HTML into their architecture to label and call out to Microsoft functions and type sets. If you have ever copied and pasted the text from a document into an HTML editor, you may have seen this revealed. A good practice, after data recovery has been performed, is to make sure there is a system in place to allow time for visually checking a document for accuracy. Nothing is 100% guaranteed when it comes to technology, but knowing what to potentially expect prevents you from losing more valuable time.


DataNumen, Inc., a world leader in data recovery technologies, offers software to repair and recover files for most core programs. Datanumen’s service representatives will help you find the right methods to recover your data and will work with you to make sure the process is as efficient and effective as possible. Contact us to find out what we can do for you and to get answers about how you can best be prepared for anything that can happen

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