Busting 4 Myths Related to MS Access – What You Need to Know

Over the years a lot of myths have been propagated with respect to Ms Access. In this article we attempt to dispel some of them.  

Busting Myths Related To MS AccessMyths and misconceptions are not only limited to people and ideologies, but are also spread to software and applications. MS Access, one of the most used application from MS Office, also has its own share of myths, being help by the users, as well as the non – users! If one continues holding on to the myths without personally attempting to check their authenticity, they might never be able to make full use of the application, thus limiting themselves for no good reason. To prevent you from imposing mindless restrictions on your usage of the application, given below is a list of commonly held myths about MS Access, which need to be busted.

  1. Myths And MisconceptionsLimited performanceIt is often believed that there is a severe limitation to the amount of scalability and migration allowed by Access, this is not entirely true. MS Access provides immense scope for scalability as well as migration if attempted in a judicious manner.
  2. Limited Data Storage Capacity This is not to say that a lot of problems are out of Access’ capabilities, but Access can store a lot of user data (up to 2GB of data can be held in a Jet Engine) and link with multiple databases. There is a great possibility that a problem might exceed the scope of the application. Access applications store lot of data and lot of corporate databases can be negotiated within these limits. Linking to tables of other Access database instances can help you overcome standard database limitations.
  3. Security Issues – Over the years many people have complained that Ms Access is rather insecure application with apparent vulnerabilities. This cannot be further from the truth as Ms Access comes with a host of security options. Apart from standard encryption features, from 2010 edition support for third party encryption too has been present. Moreover with little help, developers can secure Access Front End by only providing a compiled Front End to users, minimizing any risks with tampering of code.
  4. Scalability Issues – Access allows for scalability by eliminating Jet and switching to SQL to enhance scalability. SQL Server will only eliminate scalability issue for size of data and database users. While focusing on Access’ limitation of scalability, users should know, the problem comes from Jet database engine, and not from Access in the frontend to SQL Server.

Hybrid Solutions work best in Overcoming Ms Access Limitations

If you reach a point where your operation exceeds the scope of Access, using a hybrid of Access and SQL Server will be a good choice, however these hybrids work well only if applied in the correct scenario. If the requirement is limited and you apply a hybrid, you will not be able to maximize ROI.

Invest in Utilities to Secure Data Present in Ms Access databases

If you like working on Ms Access, do not succumb to myths surrounding this trusted application. However you should invest in access recovery utilities which can help you retrieve your important data in the event of a database crash.

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