Breaking up a large PST file – A Primer

1The Ms Outlook client has been around since 1997 where it was introduced into the Microsoft office suite. Quite expectedly some of its earlier versions, though still in use like the Outlook 2002 are restricted to a 2GB file size limit. If the size of your .pst file increases beyond this limit it becomes corrupted. Also in case of newer Outlook versions, large .pst files can make the application relatively slow to load. Given such issues it is ideally advised to breakup large .pst files for convenience of use. In this article we would look at some of the ways to split large PST files.


  • Split a large PST file involves using the Archive option

To start with the easiest way to split a large PST file involves using the Archive option. Herein you need to choose the specific .pst file and choose the Archive option from the File tab. Next you need to select the checkbox option to archive the folder along with its subfolders and in the next screen, select a specific data to archive data which are older than the chosen date.  You also have option to choose the destination path and even allocate a custom name for the new file.


  • Use the Move to folder function to breakup a large .pst file

Apart from using the Archive option, you can even use the Move to folder function to breakup a large .pst file. To start with you would need to create a new .pst file by clicking on File>>New>>Outlook Data file and choose the any of the pst file structures available. Then you need to select a destination and give a name to the new file. The new personal folders would appear in the left pane where your other folders are listed. Now for breaking up a specific .pst file you would need to visit the respective folder and select the items you wish to move. Under Edit you can choose the Move to Folder option and move the selected elements on the new personal folders you have created. Thus the data in large .pst file now get divided amongst two different folders and file size becomes manageable.


While the steps listed above can help you split a large PST file, the process can be slightly tricky for a novice user. In such scenario you can use a sophisticated repair pst tool such as the DataNumen Outlook repair application to split a large PST file. All you need to do is select the PST file you wish to split and an input file for repair and click on the Options tab. Here you will find a choice to split the output file if it exceeds a certain size which you can specify. Given the neat user interface, you will be able to quickly breakdown a large .pst file within minutes without breaking a sweat. Moreover the application will also come in handy in case you ever experience any issues with your Outlook .pst files and it can even repair emails in any format including HTML.


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