Beyond the Basics: How Data Recovery Programs Can Save What You Thought Was Unrecoverable

Major software providers, such as Microsoft, have come a long way in protecting their users from unexpected data loss. From frequent auto-saves to built-in recovery processes, these programs truly attempt to improve user experiences and provide reliability. However, the digital world is a vast network of interconnected components, and even the best prevention methods occasionally fail. Because data loss continues to be a real issue for many individuals and businesses, DataNumen remains committed to creating the most advanced data recovery processing

How are these programs, such as DataNumen’s Excel Repair, any different from the recovery processes that are already built into the programs themselves? In the case of recovering Outlook data, DataNumen has crafted proprietary recovery technologies that go far beyond the basics. Our processes are so advanced that many software developers integrate DataNumen’s technologies into their own software for increased recovery performance. When it comes to recovering Excel data, DataNumen promises that no company can recover more, and offers a money-back guarantee to support customer confidence. Furthermore, this Excel repair program is crafted so that repairing Outlook data is possible with minimal corruption and maximum recovery. For those complex Excel workbooks, recovery is far faster than attempting to rebuild data from scratch.

Similarly, SQL recovery options are not limited to the basic troubleshooting tools built into SQL itself, which will only do so much…or so little. DataNumen’s SQL Repair far exceeds the limited recovery functions that SQL offers, and can provide users with the greatest chances of recovering SQL files with as little damage as possible. While not all files can be recovered all of the time, this program maximizes the probability that users can recover SQL files that have been lost or damaged and will outperform any other recovery software.

While major software programs continue to evolve in both functionality and reliability, data loss can still be a disastrous event for any individual or business. DataNumen can help you protect your investment, and save you immeasurable time by recovering your important files. We invite you to explore all the ways in which we can help you with your data repair and recovery needs.  Contact us today to learn more about our programs and services. As a world leader in data recovery, our award winning recovery technologies are used in more than 130 countries and are trusted by some of the largest businesses in the world.


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