Beware of Email Bugs while Using the Ms Outlook application

In this article we will explore the threat posed by email bugs and how we can avoid them while using the Outlook application.

Beware of Email Bugs while Using the Ms Outlook application

In a highly competitive business environment, marketers are always in the lookout for possible target audience. With emails being one of the cheapest medium of outreach, a lot of marketers and even spammers include email bugs in their messages. While an email bug may track out your location and give out information stored in cookies, they are not malicious. The primary threat is your invasion of privacy and possibly a deluge of spam emails. Let’s explore them in detail.

What are email bugs and how they work

Basically email bugs are innovative means to track whether an email has been accessed by the recipient. A very basic example would involve a link to picture included in the HTML of the email body. When a user accesses the email, a request to download the picture goes to the server where the picture is stored. Now this gives out the IP of the computer from where the request has been made and possibly some other details. Email bugs can thus verify the authenticity of an email address that it is regularly accessed making the recipient ideal for sending out outreach emails. It is important to note that email bugs can include several types of tracking elements and they range from clear gif images to pixel tags.

How Email Bugs can affect your privacy

An email bug besides giving away your IP address can also inform a spammer about the time when you accessed your email. It also gives the confirmation that the email sent by them was able to beat your spam filters which thus opens you up for a deluge of spam emails in future.

Avoid Email Bugs in Outlook

In other to avoid email bugs in Outlook you should disable email reading in HTML format. Also you should avoid automatic image downloads for emails that you receive. However the best way to completely avoid email bugs involves reading emails in plain text format.

You never know when you may need to recover your data from an Outlook crash

Outlook crashes are a quite common phenomenon and in some cases they can prove to be very dangerous. Imagine a PST crash that simply messes up your entire email data and leaves you frustrated. To avoid losing your data in the event of a catastrophic Outlook crash, you need to procure the best pst recovery tool in use today; the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair application which has an exceptional recovery rate. It can tackle incidents of data corruption arising out of logical errors with ease. Even if your emails are encrypted, the application can bring back the underlying data in perfect order. Further the tool can be used on nearly any storage media including optical discs with success. In scenarios where you have a password protected PST file that needs to be recovered, the tool comes in rather handy. The application is also designed to recover emails that were inadvertently removed by a user.

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