Best Practices to Keep in Mind while using the Auto Archive Feature in Ms Outlook

As youecran-auto-archive-b keep working with your trusted Ms Outlook mail client your Inbox starts to get bloated with more and more emails. After some point you may even experience a slowdown in response time, especially when you are searching for certain emails. For keeping the performance of your Outlook in shape, it is prudent to turn on the Auto Archive feature. Once you do that, the auto archive feature would automatically archive items stored in specific email folders that are older than a specified data. While many of us use the Auto Archive feature, we are often not aware of how to use it optimally. Let’s look at it in detail.


Do Not Rely on Default Settings – Customize them to your requirements

The Auto Archive feature comes with several default settings. However you should use custom settings to keep things organized. For example if you wish your project folder to be frequently archived, you can just right click on it and then click on Auto Archive and set the time for checking out the folder to a week. Similarly you can reduce the days before junk emails are cleared out by the auto archive feature.


Keep a Short Date for Auto Archiving emails from the Inbox for reducing Backup time

A lot of us tend to backup the emails stored in the Inbox in a periodic manner. Some backup their Inboxes daily while others keep a weekly interval. Now if your Inbox size is huge, backing up takes a lot of time and system resources. To reduce the time associated with backing up your Inbox, you can set the Auto Archive settings for Inbox to archive items older than a month. This would drastically reduce the size of your Inbox which you can regularly backup in quick time. In contrast the Archive PST file just needs to be backed up once in a month.


Choose a known place where the Archive File is stored

You can change the settings in Auto Archive to choose the place where old items are moved to. Storing the old items at a known place will help you easily access the file in case of an urgent need.


The Archived PST file can also get corrupted

When you archive your emails, the Outlook application stores them at a separate place using a separate PST file. However in some cases the archive PST file too can get compromised by a destabilizing logical error. In such cases you would have to employ a top of the line outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back your archived items. Interestingly this tool can also be used to break up a large archive PST file into several small parts. Also if you have backed up your archive in a removable flash media disk and are experiencing issues in importing it, the application can check it for errors and recover its contents within minutes.


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