Benefits of Using Categories to Manage your Contacts

When it comes to sorting contacts, creating categories to manage them comes across as a rather innovative and effective idea.

Benefits of Using Categories to Manage your Contacts

If you are a marketing professional or a small business owner, it is quite likely that your Outlook contacts folder contains hundreds of contact details. If you have to deal with a huge contacts list, it would make sense for you to segment them with categories. When you apply categories to contacts and search them out at a later date, you effectively are viewing virtual search folders. Relevant contacts for that category would be showcased without the underlying data getting changed. For examples if you are looking to bring up all contacts who work in the retail industry, you can create a category specific to retail. If needed, you can assign more than one category to a specific contact in Ms Outlook. A contact may logically fall under a client category while remaining under a payment due category.

Adding a Category to a Contact

1. Launch the Ms Outlook email client and head to the Contacts pane
2. When Contacts pane shows up, choose the contact you wish to add a category on.
3. If needed you search out the specific contact
4. Once you have selected the contact just double click on it.
5. Next in the specific contact screen that shows up, go the bottom section.
6. Here you will find the button for adding Categories
7. Now click on Categories and a list of available categories would come up.
8. Choose the categories you wish to assign to the specific contact and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

In case you wish to add a completely new category to a contact, you should first add the same in the master category list. It is important to note that in the contacts folder you can choose to view the data by category of the contacts. If you are working in an exchange environment you can even coordinate with your colleagues to maintain homogeneity amongst the category names you use. For example you can take a call on key categories that you would use to differentiate clients or vendors.

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