Benefits of the Conversation view in Outlook 2010

If you use the Ms Outlook client for business, you would imagesoften end up exchanging numerous emails regarding a specific subject with your contacts. While you can always keep track of the conversations by looking at the mail trail, files sent in an attachment in a different email do not show up and you have to search them manually. Now borrowing on the trailblazing conversation feature first widely seen in Gmail, the Ms Outlook 2010 has rolled out a similar view where multiple emails are organized together in form of conversations. More over the Outlook client allows you to customize the view of the conversations and offers more flexibility than the Google’s online email service.


  • Key Benefits of the Conversation view

There several distinctive elements about the conversation view introduced in Outlook 2010. It showcases the conversation in bold whenever any emails in it are noticed as unread. Further it can even distribute conversations into distinct yet related chains in case multiple responses are received for a particular message.

Unlike Gmail, Outlook allows you to clean up your conversations with an eye on keeping your Inbox light. Using the Clean up option you can choose to move certain emails which are a part of a conversation to the Deleted folder.  You can even choose to turnoff the conversation view in case you feel so. The Outlook client gives you the flexibility to list the conversations by date or heredity. Further you can forward an entire conversation or tag some of its constituent messages as categories.

In case you are part of an email exchange which does not really matter to you then you can simply avoid receiving these messages in your Inbox. All you need to do is to use the Ignore option on the said conversation.

Outlook also gives you the choice to set preferences for the conversation view. You can make the conversations expand by default or get to see the sender’s detail before the email subject line. You can also choose the indented view wherein the title of the conversation appears on top while the list of senders appear on indented entries placed below. With the conversation view in place, Outlook seems to have clearly stolen a march on Google as both now have the same functionality. Moreover you can access your Email in the Outlook client even if you are not connected to the web.


  • PST corruption can place your conversations at risk

Though the Outlook 2010 is often admired for its bouquet of well thought out features, it still suffers from incidents of .pst file corruption. If your PST files are compromised, the data contained in Outlook including messages clubbed as conversations too come at risk.  In such a scenario the best move would be to secure a repair pst tool like DataNumen Outlook repair and extract contents of the Outlook file. The application is quite adept at tacking different email formats and is known to handle humungous .pst files.


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