Avoiding the Inline Reply Feature in Outlook 2013

As more and more people start using the Outlook 2013 application, its striking new features has become a hot topic for discussion amongst users. Some of its features like People’s hub have garnered kudos from nearly everyone while some facts like the absence of journals have received a fair share of criticism. Similarly the capacity to reply to an email without getting to a fresh email window is welcome relief for some while others have mixed views on it. Some part of the resistance with the Inline Reply feature seems to be built out of losing the old familiarity while others have claimed that it reduces the clarity. Some users also feel that when an email is part of a conversation group, composing an inline reply can lead to inadvertent mistakes. Also many users eventually end up enlarging the reply window and the process looks like a hassle. For those of us who find the Inline Reply feature cumbersome, Outlook does have the facility to disable it.



Disabling Inline Replies in Outlook 2013

If you are quite sure that you do not wish to keep the inline reply feature active, you can follow the steps mentioned below to disable it.

  1. Open the Outlook 2013 application
  2. Next click on File option, which typically appears in blue, to present the drop down list
  3. From the list click on Options and in the subsequent window, hit the Mail tab
  4. In the right pane of the screen you would find yourself with a series of sections. You need to scroll below to the Replies and Forward group
  5. Here you need to uncheck the option which reads “Use Inline replies …”
  6. Once done click on OK to save the settings.


Outlook 2013 remains acutely susceptible to PST errors

If you have recently upgraded to the Outlook 2013 application, you are likely to be still getting used to the spanking new interface and its stellar feature set. The Outlook 2013 is clearly miles ahead of its predecessors when you compare its features and it’s quite logical that you feel that it left the issue of PST errors behind. Unfortunately for all its cutting edge features, Outlook 2013 still remains acutely prone to PST errors which can crop up at any point of time. So for the security of your data, it makes sense to invest in a

pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. This brilliant product can draw out nearly every Outlook data element from a corrupt PST file and in quick time. Moreover even if you have a gigantic corrupt PST file at hand, the tool would be able to negotiate it with aplomb. Not only can it handle big PST files it can even split them in compact parts which can go a long way in avoiding further PST errors from cropping up. Last but not the least the application works on all media types and even on virtual machine drives.


Author Introduction:

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