Avoid Viruses that Propagate via Email through your Outlook Application

Computer viruses thcome in many hues and some of them use emails to propagate themselves. Once an email virus compromises your mail client, say Outlook, it immediately draws out the contact list and sends a copy of itself to all the contacts. Your contacts, believing that the email came from you, may click on the attached message and get infected. Once that happens the virus spreads to more systems. While running an antivirus application to get rid of such viruses is a standard option, ideally you should completely avoid such virus laden emails from compromising your email client. Let’s look at some steps that you can perform to avoid such viruses in Outlook.


Adjust your Zone Settings to High

At the very outset you should set your Zone settings to high. To do so you need to go to Options under Tools in Outlook and then click on the Security tab in the options screen.

Here you need to move to the Security Zones section and click on Zone settings. Then amongst the present icons, click on Internet and slid the slider to high.


Disable Links in Spam Emails

Moving ahead you need to go to Junk Email which comes under the Actions tab and click on Junk Email Options. In the subsequent screen you should check the link that mentions “Don’t turn on Links…”


Avoid Display of Images in Outlook and Consider Reading Emails in Plain Text

Much of the viruses that come through emails are disguised as embedded images. Hence it is always a good idea to disable image display in Outlook emails. To do so please follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch Outlook and move to Tools
  2. Click on Options that appear under tools and move to the Security tab
  3. Under the section Download Pictures hit the button labeled as “Change Automatic Download Settings”
  4. In the subsequent window check the option that mentions “Don’t download pictures & other content …….”

Now if you are too finicky about security you can disable the HTML format completely and choose to read all emails in the plain text format instead.


Activate Email Scanning in your Antivirus application

As a matter of rule always keep email scanning enabled in your antivirus tool irrespective of the time that it takes.


Protecting your Outlook Data in Case of a Virus Attack

Even after your best efforts, there may be an incident where viruses have made their way into your system and corrupted the Outlook application files. In such a scenario, the best way forward involves running a complete virus scan to eradicate such malicious programs and then use a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back the compromised data. This advanced recovery program can bring back all kinds of Outlook data including notes, journals and contacts without making a fuss. The application is also designed to tackle gigantic files and is not a bit bothered by the underlying media type.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com/products.htm

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