Avoid Common spelling mistakes in MS Outlook email client while composing emails

In this article we look at avoiding common mistakes while composing emails in the Outlook email client.

Avoid Common spelling mistakes in MS Outlook email client while composing emails

If sending and composing emails is a big part of your day to day life, then you might have felt an urge to avail a feature that helps you in checking your grammar and spelling mistakes. Well, it is not possible every time for the user to check each and every email message he or she types for spelling or grammatical mistakes, more so if emails are sent in bulk every ten minutes or so. This is where; the Auto Text Feature of MS Outlook comes into play an important role. Although, half of the problem is solved by the spell checker in Outlook but the problem to correct the incorrect words is solved more efficiently with the Auto Text Feature. Read on to learn in depth about how to avoid the common spelling mistakes in MS Outlook with Auto Text.

Let us first throw some light on what exactly is Auto Text and how it plays its role in Outlook. For instance, if you get an email with the phrase written, “We sincerely apologize for the convenience caused”, so you see although, all the words are spelled correctly, there is yet a big mistake out there. Auto Spell Checker checked the words for spellings but failed to identify the wrongly used word “convenience” instead of “inconvenience” here. This is where; Auto Text helps you out in correcting the wrong text phrases in your important official mails, thereby saving your professional image and reputation.

Auto Text helps you to set up an entry in Outlook for a saved phrase like the one we just mentioned above and the moment we start typing that phrase, it will automatically prompt us to insert the saved phrase in the email message. Then, with just a simple Enter, you can easily insert the saved phrase and save your word mistakes and any embarrassment due to wrongly placed words.

It’s now time to explain the exact procedure and steps involved in using Auto Text Feature of MS Outlook. For this you first need to type in the phrase that you wish to add in the email message. After this choose the text using the mouse and simply select the Insert Button from the ribbon. Next, press the Quick Parts Option and go to the Auto Text Option. Once, this is done, select the Save Selection to Auto Text Gallery in order to display a screen with the saved auto text options. You may change the Category or Name of the Auto Text default options and finally click on Ok.

Once you have completed the above mentioned steps properly, you will notice that the next time you are about to type the phrase matching your Auto Text Settings, the saved phrase will automatically appear in your email message and you can choose to insert it. Simply, use the Auto Text feature along with the Auto Spell Checker to make your business emails errorless and properly phrased.

Ignoring PST errors in Ms Outlook can prove hazardous

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