How to Avoid Accidentally Dragging Outlook Folders

Accidentally dragging Outlook folders into other folders happens frequently, which is not our expectation. How can we avoid the situation?

I believe that many people must have mastered the function of dragging Outlook folders around. Actually to my mind, it is one of my most favorite features in Outlook. With it, I can simply organize my Outlook folders with ease. In a nutshell, by this capability, my work with Outlook becomes much easier.

However, as a saying goes, every coin has two sides. Unquestionably dragging Outlook folders also has its drawbacks, one of which is that it is pretty easy to make some unexpected mistakes, namely dragging one folder into another folder incorrectly. Sometimes, this mistake may happen by accident so that we even cannot make clear where the folder has been dragged into. If we have a host of folders, it will take some time to find it out, as Outlook doesn’t allow us to search something according to folder names. Therefore, how can we avoid this situation where we make the mistake of dragging Outlook folders incorrectly? In fact there is a method to stop it, namely configuring your computer mouse. Here are the specific steps.

Configure Mouse to Avoid Accidentally Dragging Outlook Folders

  1. At first we should exit Outlook probably by clicking “X” icon at the top right corner.
  2. Then go to our computer’s Control Pane.
  3. In “Control Pane”, we should find the “Mouse”. If the items are viewed by categories in “Control Pane”, it will be difficult to find “Mouse”. Thus we could make the items viewed by icons, it will more simply to find “Mouse”. So find and click it.
  4. After clicking, a new window of “Mouse Properties” will arise. Staying in “Buttons” Tab, we will see the “ClickLock” option at the bottom.Turn on ClickLock to Avoid Accidentally Dragging Outlook Folders
  5. Next tick “Turn on ClickLock” item.
  6. Later click “Settings” button. In “Settings for ClickLock” dialog, we can adjust how long you need to hold down a mouse before click is locked. We are better off choosing a median.Settings for ClickLock
  7. Finally click “OK” and “Apply” to enable the settings.

Restart Outlook. When picking up a folder, we will find that the selection will be locked until we click again.

Take the following actions after Outlook Corruption

Apart from the functions of dragging mentioned above, Outlook has quantities of other capabilities. It can be used as a standalone email client by individual. In the meantime, most organizations also apply it as manager of tasks, calendars and contacts. Nevertheless, it is still prone to corruption. Once we encounter Outlook corruption, we had better utilize third party software to repair Outlook, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. It will assist us to restore corrupted file with a high recovery rate.

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