Automating Backup of PST Files in Outlook

Most users are aware of the importance of backing up files that contain vital personal and business information. PST files that store email messages, contacts and calendar information among other things are amongst some of these important files. Knowing how to automatically back up Personal Storage files can reduce the burden on users while at the same time ensure protection of data.

Almost all computer users know that having a good back-up and recovery mechanism in place is very important to ensure that there is no danger of ever losing crucial data. Since Outlook uses Personal Folder files to store email data on the local hard disks, these files too have to be regularly backed up to ensure integrity of data. When there is concern that the main PST file has been affected by viruses or damaged due to hardware failure, it is easy to get rid of the affected file and use the back up copy. By simply renaming this file, one can access all the data stored in the file causing very little disruption or loss of data. Most users use this method to repair Personal Folder files that get corrupted or damaged.

Many of us however, underestimate the time it takes to copy a PST file into another location or make a back up copy on to an external media. Else, we may get so busy in our work that taking back ups goes way down on our list of priorities. Till we are hit with a disaster-like scenario wherein the main Personal Folder file that we are working with is completely corrupted and the most recent back up was made months ago. Of course, there is no reason to panic – there are now many specialized tools in the market that will help you easily and quickly repair Personal folder files. However, before we discuss these powerful tools, we take a look at ways to automate the entire process of taking back-ups of Personal Folder files. This reduces the amount of time a user has to spend in taking back-ups and also ensures that there is always a back-up copy of the most recent changes made in the email data.

Microsoft has provided an Add-in that can add the functionality of automatically taking back-up in Outlook. For this, a user will first have to download the utility from the Microsoft website and install it so that it can be accessed from Outlook. Once it has been successfully installed, the Backup feature can be accessed form the main File menu. This will bring up a window where you can specify options such as how often you would like to back up and where you would like the back up copy to be stored. Accordingly the back up feature will remind you at set intervals that you need to take back-up copies of the PST file and make it easier to take regular back-ups. Of course, as earlier, if there is any damage or corruption in the main Personal Folder file, one can easily repair PST file by simply copying the back up copy into the main location and renaming it.

When you are faced with a situation where you do not have the most recent back-up copy of your PST file but the main PST file is inaccessible due to corruption, you should immediately turn to DataNumen Outlook Repair. With a successful recovery rate that is way beyond any of its closest competitors, this offering will ensure that you never ever have to lose any data from your PST files.

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