Automatically Link Emails to Specific Records in Business Contact Manager

The Business thContact Manager for Outlook can be considered as a true CRM tool given its capacity to track a multitude of variables. In fact in can be made to link all email conversations that may be relevant to a record, say an Opportunity or Account, automatically. However given the fact that most people who use the Business Contact Manager tool are small business owners, this fascinating facet gets overlooked. In this article we help you achieve the automatic linking of emails in just few steps.


Link Emails to Specific Records in an Automatic Fashion

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application
  2. Now move to the email that you wish to link to a record.

Note:  If you are planning to associate data to an Account or lead, make it point to link emails sent to or received from the principal contact.

  1. Open the relevant email and then head to the Business Contact Manager toolbar
  2. Now click on the Email Auto Link option
  3. Once done you will get the choice under the Email Address label to associate the email IDs appearing in the message
  4. Add all the Email IDs that you find relevant and save the settings

Once the configurations are in place, all the emails sent to or received from the added email IDs would be referenced to the relevant record in the Business Contact Manager tool. It must be noted that if you share the BCM data with others, they would have access to the linked emails too.


Looking to Remove Email Linking – Its fairly simple

As noted above while sharing a BCM database, the linked emails too get shared. Now if you wish to avoid the same, you should know how to unlink Emails from a record. Well the process is fairly simply. You need to first open the specific BCM workspace say Sales and open the record from which you wish to delete the email association. Once there click on History which comes under the Show Group option and right click the email IDs and messages to unlink them from the record. Once selected just click on delete to complete the removal process.


Avoid getting bogged down by an Outlook Crash – Consider a proficient recovery tool

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