How to Automatically Backup Your Word Document

We may want to secure some important Word data by saving it to a backup document. In this article, we will then look at how to enable Word to create a backup copy automatically.

Data loss is unavoidable for all Word users. Both external and internal factors can result in file corruption. Therefore, for some important documents, we may want to create a backup copy. But don’t bother to do it manually for each document. Because you can enable Word to create a backup copy of our files automatically. So, every time you save a Word File, Word program automatically create a backup copy of your document. In the following section, we will talk about how to achieve this functionality in detail.

Enable the Backup Option

  1. Switch to “File” menu, and click “Options”. Switch to “File” menu
  2. In the subsequent pop up window, we select “Advanced” tab.Click advanced
  3. Scroll down through the list to find “Save” page. And tick the “Always create backup copy” checkbox. Then click “OK” to save it.Tick the “Always create backup copy” checkbox
  4. By doing so, we have successfully created a backup of our word document. Automatically, Word saves your last created version in the backup copy, as we can see below in the Windows Explorer. word stores the backup file in the same file path as the original file. Of course, to double ensure the safety of your backup copy, you can also move the file into other locations on your disks. That way, you can rely on the backup copy of your document to restore the lost data.Find backup copy in windows explorer

Repair Corrupted Original File via Recovery Tool

Certainly, we can rely upon a backup version to salvage our data. However, if something goes wrong with our original files, we can also acquire an external recovery tool DataNumen Word Repair to repair the corrupt document. This tool is capable of fixing severely damaged Word files effectively. In addition, its recovery rate is also well ahead of its peers.

What If Your Backup Copy is Also Damaged

Typically, we tend to keep the backup version in the same computer as our original file. Therefore, in times of data disaster, all of the files in our computer might be damaged. Therefore, backing up Word file is not necessarily the surest way to keep our data safe. Because the backup copy are also very likely to be corrupted or damaged. But don’t need to panic, there is remedy to it.

  1. Change the .wbk file extension to .docx.
  2. Repair the backup file with an effective Word repair tool. Select the file path in the following box and Click “Start Repair”.Repair with external repair tool

This tool is able to recover your damaged word file in short time. And more importantly, it will restore it in the same structure as in corrupted file.

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