How to Auto Send a Notification Email When a Meeting Reminder Alerts You in Outlook

Do you want to send a notification email before a meeting in Outlook? This article will teach you how to use Outlook VBA to auto send such an email to the meeting attendees when its reminder alerts you.

Sometimes, so as to ensure that the required attendees can attend the meeting on time, you may desire to send a notification email to them. It aims to prevent them from forgetting the meeting. However, sending such an email manually may be a bit time-consuming as you have to determine the attendees who have accepted the meeting and add them as the new email recipients one by one. Actually, using Outlook VBA will be much quicker because it can automatically extract the accepted attendees and auto create a new email with the meeting details in message body. Here are the concrete VBA codes and detailed steps.

Auto Send a Notification Email When a Meeting Reminder Alerts You

  1. In the first place, launch Outlook.
  2. Then switch to “Developer” tab. If you cannot find it, then you need to go to “File” > “Options” > “Customize Ribbon” to enable it.
  3. And then click on “Visual Basic” button under this tab. At once, you will get access to the VBA editor window.Visual Basic
  4. In the subsequent VBA editor, you should find and open the “ThisOutlookSession” project. Then copy and paste the following VBA codes into it.
Private Sub Application_Reminder(ByVal Item As Object)
    Dim NewMail As MailItem
    Dim objAtts As Recipients
    Dim obj As Object
    Dim strAddrs As String
    If TypeOf Item Is AppointmentItem And Item.Recipients.Count Then
       Set objAtts = Item.Recipients
       'Extract the attendees who have accepted this meeting
       For Each obj In objAtts
           If obj.MeetingResponseStatus = olResponseAccepted Then
              strAddrs = strAddrs & obj.Address
           End If

       Set NewMail = Outlook.Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
       With NewMail
            .To = strAddrs
            .Subject = "Warning: Please Attend the Meeting On Time !"
            .HTMLBody = "<HTML><BODY> When: " & Item.Start & " - " & Item.End & "</HTML></BODY>" & "<HTML><BODY>Where: " & Item.Location & "</HTML></BODY>" & "<HTML><BODY>Details: " & Item.Body & "</HTML></BODY>"
            .Attachments.Add Item
       End With
    End If
End Sub

VBA Codes - Auto Send a Notification Email When a Meeting Reminder Alerts You

  1. After that, you should sign this new macro. Then click “Tools” > “Digital Signature” to assign a certificate to it.Sign the New Macro
  2. Subsequently, you should exit the VBA editor and hit “Macro Security” button under “Developer” tab. Then in the new popup window, change the macro settings to only enable digitally signed macros.
  3. Finally, from now on, every time when a meeting reminder starts, Outlook will auto create a new email, in which the meeting details will be added to its body and the original meeting item will be attached. Also, only the accepted attendees are added to “To” field. The email will look like the following screenshot.Notification Email

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