How to Auto Open a New Outlook Note After Starting Your Computer

Outlook provides users with Notes feature. If you are accustomed to using Outlook notes in your daily work and frequently require it, you may desire to always open a new note in your computer desktop after computer starts. This article will help you realize it.

Outlook comes endowed with the Notes feature. Without a doubt, it is convenient indeed. In general, as long as we’ve opened our Outlook, we quickly create a new note and write down some important information whenever we need. However, for those who are used to this feature, they may even hope that they can swiftly get a new Outlook Note item without opening Outlook every time their computer gets started. In response to this requirement, you can take the following steps to achieve it.

Outlook Notes Feature

Auto Open a New Outlook Note After Starting Your Computer

  1. At the very outset, right click on your computer desktop and select “New” > “Text Document”.
  2. Then double click the new text document to open it.
  3. In the open Text file, you ought to copy the following codes into it.
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\OUTLOOK.EXE" /c ipm.stickynote

Note: “Office12” refers to Outlook 2007 version. If you’re using Outlook 2010, change it to “Office14”; Outlook 2013 refers to “Office15”; Outlook 2016 points to “Office16”.

Copy the Codes into the New Text File

  1. After that, click on “File” button in the toolbar and select “Save As” from the drop down list.
  2. Subsequently, in the new popup “Save As” dialog box, specify a name for this file and use “.bat’ as its extension, like “Open a New Outlook Note Item.bat”. And then hit “Save” button.Save the Text File as BAT File
  3. Later you can go to “Start Menu” and select “All Programs”. And then you can find a “Startup” folder in the “Start Menu”.
  4. Right click the folder and select “Open” from the context menu.Open Startup Folder
  5. After that, Windows will open the “Startup” folder in a new window. Now you should move the previously saved BAT file to the startup folder.Move the BAT File to Startup Folder
  6. Finally you can close the folder and restart your computer. You will see a new Outlook Note item along with a Command Prompt Window. You can directly close the window to leave the Note only.Auto Open a New Outlook Note After Starting Your Computer

Outlook Errors Can Occur Now and Then

Outlook has earned a lot of kudos from its users due to its feature-rich advantage. But as a saying goes, every icon has two sides. Therefore, Along with the various functions, Outlook is also becoming increasingly vulnerable. Hence, if you intend to use Outlook for long time, you have to get acquainted with frequent errors and to learn how to eliminate them. In an instance of Outlook file error, you can use the built-in repair tool, Scanpst.exe to attempt a repair in the first place. If it fails, you would be required to resort to a more powerful tool, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair.

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