How to Auto Mark Each Email BCC’d To You with a Warning Notice in Outlook

Have you ever accidentally replied an email which was actually BCC’d to you? This article will teach you to create a BCC warning, which can help you avoid exposing yourself to all the other recipients.

On one occasion, I received an Outlook email which was sent to lots of people. So without any check, I replied to all the recipients. Afterwards, I found I was BCC’d. That is to say, the other recipients cannot see me in their received email. But now I expose myself to all of them. How stupid! So as to prevent the situation in future, I create a warning for the emails BCC’d to me. Here are the detailed steps.

Auto Mark Each Email BCC’d To You with a Warning Notice

  1. At the very outset, go to “File” menu and click “Manage Rules & Alerts”.
  2. A new dialog box of “Rules and Alerts” will pop up, in which you should find and hit “New Rule” button.
  3. After clicking “New Rule”, another new dialog box of “Rules Wizard” will turn up. In the first screen, select “Apply rule on messages I receive”, and then click “Next” button.Apply rule on messages I receive
  4. Then you will enter the second screen of “Rules Wizard”, in which you would be required to choose conditions. But here you can neglect it and click “Next” directly.
  5. After that, in the third screen, you need to choose “Actions”. Follow the steps below:
  • At first, in “Step 1” box, select “assign it to the category category”.
  • Then in the following “Step 2” box, click on the “category” link.
  • And next a new dialog box of “Color Categories” will arise. You ought to click “New” button to create a new color category.
  • In the small dialog box of “Add New Category”, you should specify a name, such as “You Have Been BCC’d! Don’t Reply!” Also, choose your desired color for the newly generated category.Assign it to a category
  1. Next you could click two “OK”, backing to “Rules Wizard” screen. And press “Next” button then.
  2. Later you have to specify the exceptions. Take the following steps:
  • For a start, select two actions in “Step 1” box, namely “except if my name is in the To or CC box” and “except if sent to people or public group”.
  • And then click “people or public group” link in “Step 2” box.
  • In the new dialog box of “Rule Address”, select a contact group containing you. Double click it to add to “To->” field.Specify Exceptions
  1. After clicking “OK” and “Next”, in the final screen of “Rules Wizard”, you should name this rule and review all the settings.
  2. Finally click “Finish” button to activate the rule. From now on, all the emails which are BCC’d to you will be shown like the screenshot below:Auto Mark Each Email BCC’d To You with a Warning Notice

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