Assign Tasks in Outlook to Team Members – A Primer

As a bigstock_Assign_Tasks_5007594collaboration tool, the Ms Outlook client is extremely flexible. In Outlook you can quickly create tasks and assign them to other team members. Moreover you can track the progress of the assigned tasks and other team member too can view them. With a little bit of thought an entire delivery schedule can prepared with the help of shared tasks. Any task that gets behind schedule appears in red which immediately draws your attention. Given so many advantages, it is surprising to note that several small business owners are hesitant about using tasks. Let’s look at how easy it is to create and assign a task.


Create a Task and Assign it

  1. Launch the Outlook application and head to the top menu bar
  2. Under the Go tab click on Tasks
  3. Now click on New to launch a new task
  4. Enter the subject name for the task and place the due data and start date details
  5. Next you can set the priority and add further information in the details tab
  6. Once the task has been created click on the Assign Task option on the top pane
  7. You would spot a To field coming into view
  8. Enter the email ID of the colleague you wish to assign the task to.
  9. Now check the options for getting a status report and keeping a copy on your task list.
  10. Once done, just click on Send to assign the task


Reassign a Task Allocated to you

In some cases you may not have the time to complete a task assigned to you. Similarly one of your colleagues too can experience the same situation.  Keeping such situations in mind, Outlook offers you the flexibility to reassign tasks. To do so open the email you have received which contains the task information. Next, click on the Assign task option from the top pane. You would be asked if you are looking assign this task to someone else. Opt to do so by entering the email ID of a colleague in the To filed to whom you wish to reassign the task.


Do Not Miss Out on your valued Task List Due to a sudden PST crash

Often counted as the most serious issue plaguing the Outlook email client, PST crashes can occur without giving you a hint. In case your application topples over due to a PST error, chances of you losing out on your emails and even on the saved task list is huge. In such a scenario you should immediately procure an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back your data. Owing to its highly sophisticated algorithm the tool can recover contents from deeply compromised PST files under the most strenuous circumstances. Moreover the tool is equipped to bring back contents from PST files stored on solid state devices and even on virtual drives.


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