Applying Stationery and Themes in Outlook – A Quick Guide

In this article we will take you through the steps of applying themes and stationary elements in Ms Outlook.

Applying Stationery and Themes in Outlook – A Quick Guide

Are you a creative soul? Then, you would surely love to bring in that creative look to your Outlook email client as well. Perhaps, this is the reason that MS Outlook allows you to apply Stationery and Themes for a brighter and more appealing look. It is possible that the term stationery might confuse you with the normal stationery we use for our daily works, but it is not the case with Outlook. Here, stationery comprises of beautiful patterns and backgrounds offering a number of design elements like bullets, fonts, effects and color patterns. Learn how to apply stationery and themes in Outlook by reading further.

Get the freedom of customizing your Outlook email messages with the new and innovative Stationery and Themes Feature. As we mentioned above, this feature enables you to use a set of unified elements for designing and you can easily apply the provided backgrounds in your messages too.

Now, let us acquaint you with how to apply stationery and themes to all the messages in Outlook. For this you first need to go to the File Tab and choose the Options. When the Options Dialog Box appears, you will need to select the Mail Tab and choose the Stationery and Fonts Option. After that click on the Theme Option and choose the theme that you like from the options displayed. Finally click on Ok to apply the theme.

The best thing is that Microsoft does allow you to apply stationery and themes to a single email message too. However, the procedure is bit different for it but not that tough. For this you will first need to go to the New Items Button under the New Group from the Home Tab. Then, choose the Email Message and go to the More Stationery Option under it. Once you do this, you will see a dialog box with different themes and stationery listed under it, so just feel free to choose the theme that you want to apply to a particular message and finally click Ok.

In case, you wish to remove any theme or stationery, you just need to go to the File Tab and choose the Options and select the Mail Option under it. Then, go to the Compose Messages and choose the Stationery and Fonts. After this, click on the Personal Stationery Tab and select Theme. Then, you will see the option of Choose a Theme, so just choose No Theme Option there to turn off the stationery or theme in your Outlook.

To conclude, it can be said that the Stationery and Themes Templates provided within Outlook does bring a fresher look to the email messages and the inbox from the normal boring look. However, bear in mind that you will be able to apply stationery and themes in Outlook only and only if your email messages are in the HTML format. Moreover, you can even import stationery templates from outside to Outlook too.

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