An Email with a large attachment can get badly stuck in the Ms Outlook client

Of the several quirks associated with the Outlook application, the incidents of emails getting stuck in the Outbox seem to draw a great deal of attention. At times an Outlook user can view a specific email which remains held up in the Outbox and refuses to go away. Even when you attempt to delete it, the action fails to work. Now this issue is typically caused when an email with a large attachment fails to pass through the Outbox. If it gets stuck in a loop, it can remain hanging in the Outbox and a simple delete operation will not be able to dislodge it. Let’s look at the possible steps that you can take to resolve the issue.



Start with Restarting the System and Deleting the Message

At the very outset you can simply try to close the Outlook application, restart the Windows system and then launch the Outlook application again. Next simply try to delete the message from the Outbox.


Get the Outlook email client in the Offline Mode

If restarting the system does not work, you need to go in for a slightly more complicated procedure which involves placing the email client in the offline mode. To do so, perform the steps listed below:

  1. Launch the Outlook application and head to the Files options on the top menu
  2. Next click on Work Offline under the File Tab
  3. Once the application has been placed in offline mode, close the email client
  4. Ensure that the Outlook process has been terminated by verifying the same from the Windows task manager
  5. Next restart the Outlook application and then head to the Outbox
  6. Select the message that has got stuck and double click on it to display it in its own full screen
  7. Now simply delete the message or if the message is important move it to some other folder
  8. Get the application back online by changing the option from the File menu
  9. Try sending an email in the normal fashion.


PST Errors can be considered as a major threat to data stored in Outlook

Most advanced Outlook users would readily agree that PST errors are by far the greatest threat to your email data stored in the Outlook client. In one moment, a PST related Outlook crash can sweep away all your emails before your sight. Now if you have encountered such a situation, you should get an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair without delay. This sophisticated application has the tenacity to recover data from the most compromised files in quick time. Even if the corrupted files are lying on a removable media disk this incisive tool can get back the all the data including contacts and journals in a jiffy. It can even recover humongous PST files without breaking a sweat.


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