Allowing Pictures to be downloaded from some specific contacts

Due to security ththreats from images embedded with malicious links and even possibly compromised with other threats, Outlook by default blocks images from downloading without explicit permissions. While you can customize the application to download images in all emails, such a setting can prove risky. However you may wish to receive emails with images from some selected contacts and would like to allow automatic image downloads for them. Well this too is possible in Outlook by placing such contacts in the safe senders list or recipients list.


Permitting Image downloads from Safe Senders and Recipients

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook email client and head to the Tools tab
  2. Now scroll down the Options choice and then click on the Security tab choice
  3. In lower section of the screen, click on the Change Automatic Download options
  4. In the subsequent screen you need to select the option which mentions that download of images in email messages from contacts placed in either the safe sender’s or recipients list would be permitted.
  5. Click on Ok and save the settings

One must note that in some rare cases, this setting may provide a security loophole to hackers. If they are able to masquerade the email address of your contact, any email sent supposedly from that email ID will automatically lead to download of any images in the mail body. So if you do decide to opt for this setting, keep an eye out for suspicious emails.


Adding Contacts to Safe Senders or Recipients lists

The process of adding contacts to safe senders or recipients list is rather easy in Outlook. To do so you need to go to Actions tab and then head to Junk Email Mail options. Next go to the Safe Senders tab and add any email ID from which you wish to receive emails without getting them ever marked as spam. Interestingly you can choose add all emails IDs that you ever send an email to, in the safe senders list.


Securing your Contacts and Calendar Data in Outlook from PST Errors

Apart from your emails, the Outlook application is typically used to collate information about contacts and plan schedules. The idea of losing contacts and calendar schedules can gives us shivers and thus it is prudent to remain prepared for PST errors that can wipe away all the data stored in the application by investing in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It has the capacity to deal with most strenuous incidents of PST corruptions even in gigantic data files without breaking a sweat. Further the tool is equipped to handle the output too and can moderate the recovery process. It also can succeed in scenarios where other tools simply give up or freeze during the recovery process. Last but not the least the tool can retrieve data from virtual drives too with equal ease.


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