Advanced MS Outlook Data Recovery Solution

In case of the loss of the Microsoft Officemail recovery Outlook Personal Storage Table (PST) file, DataNumen Inc. has presented an easy solution to recover your files efficiently and in a reliable manner. This solution to PST recovery is DataNumen Outlook PST Repair. Using the tool ensures conclusive recovery of the lost or corrupted files in just a couple of minutes. After the recovery, the file can be opened using any version of MS Outlook. This is because the software not only repairs the file, but also configures it to a format that every version of Outlook supports. One only needs to have the Outlook profile to open the repaired PST file.


DataNumen Outlook PST Repair tool performs its function in any of the mainstream environments, be it Windows, MAC, Windows Microsoft Server, and others. It has the ability to recover all the contents captured in the corrupt PST files. These PST files can contain emails, images, attachments, Office files, notes, calendars, contacts and posts, all of which can be easily recovered. The files are recovered with apex accuracy level, resulting in completely functional files that don’t need any further modifications in order to be used again.


Whatever may be the cause of the corruption or loss of the PST files; be it malicious software, improper system shutdown, failure of email client or any other cause, this application will fully repair it. DataNumen also carries out the reparation of very large files that have been rendered inaccessible due to PST file size limitation. For instance, if the size of the file is large and the user doesn’t take that into account to reduce it and yet continues working on it, the frequently experienced consequence is hanging of the MS Outlook application. With a bid to restart it, users often close down the program and then start it up afresh. Unfortunately, this is a known recipe for the corruption of PST files.


The MS Outlook internal ability attempts to repair the file automatically every time there is an error or functional issue. However, the consistency of errors and repetition of the same action is highly likely to result in the corruption of the PST file thus its inaccessibility.


When such is experienced and MS Outlook’s internal ability to repair or recover PST files fails, a third party application becomes the sure remedy. This is where DataNumen comes in! With DataNumen, you can repair, recover and enjoy an option to save the recovered data into different formats such as RTF, HTML, PDF, and so on. It’s also capable of recovering password protected files regardless of their level of encryption. All the files can be recovered in a batch. If, however, the user only wants to recover some of the files, then the wanted files can be selected manually and a directory specified to store the repaired versions.


For users who would like to try out the software before purchasing the full version, a trial version is freely available for download from the DataNumen Inc. website.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information, visit

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