How to Adjust Zoom Level in Outlook

Are you vexed at tiny or huge fonts when reading and writing emails? If so, you should learn to adjust zoom level in Outlook.

Occasionally, we may encounter the situation where the fonts in email message are too tiny or too huge. In such scenarios, it is very difficult for us to read the message contents. What’s more, we often meet the similar problem when editing emails. In general, if we find the font size is strange, we can check it in “Basic Text” ribbon. However, Outlook always shows us that it is using the normal size such as 11 or 12 pt.

I have heard a lot of complaints about this vexing issue. Note that persons whose computers have a higher screen resolution may be subject to this trouble more frequently. Thus before adjusting Outlook zoom, we are better off inspecting screen resolution at first. If no problems with it, we can turn to zoom level then.

Adjust Zoom Level in Reading Pane

Every time we pitch on an email, we can directly read the email in the Reading Pane. Provided that the font size is wrong, we can utilize 3 ways to adjust zoom.Adjust Zoom Level in Reading Pane

  1. If the reading email is zoomed, we can press “Ctrl” key and meanwhile rolling the mouse wheel. Rolling up is to enlarge the fonts, and down is to shrink.
  2. Besides, we can use the zoom slider bar to adjust zoom. It is located in the lower right corner.
  3. Next to the zoom slider, there is a zoom percent. Click the zoom % to open the “Zoom” dialog box, in which we can set a more specified number.“Zoom” dialog box

Adjust Zoom Level When Composing Emails

If we discover the same problems with fonts when composing email contents, we can resolve it via Zoom button in New Message window.

  1. Create a new message.
  2. Locate and click the “Zoom” button in “Zoom” ribbon under “Message” tab.Zoom Button in New Message window
  3. Then in popup “Zoom” dialog, switch to the appropriate zoom percent.
  4. Next click “OK” to save it and close the message.
  5. Finally open a new message. And we can find that the zoom is in the desired level permanently.

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