Adding Reminders to Emails for Replying at a Later Data

Outlook users havereminder4 often wondered how the email client has evolved over the years. It today has nearly everything that a busy professional would want from his email client. From allowing connectivity with social networks to integrating weather calendars, the Outlook application seems to have thought about a host of our needs. One such need that Outlook addresses rather well is the desire to be prompted to reply to an email which we have kept pending. Thanks to this well thought out feature, you can always make sure that you reply to your important clients in a given time frame. You can also set color codes to streamline the importance of emails that are seeking your attention and prioritize the most important ones. In other words you will never miss out on an email that you plan to reply.


Setting an Email Reply Reminder in Outlook

Our hectic schedules often leave us with a paucity of time and we fail to reply to all critical emails in time. Now if you plan to reply to an email at a later date you can set a reminder in Outlook using the steps mentioned below

  1. Launch the Outlook application and scroll down to the email that you plan to reply at a later date
  2. Right click on the email and scroll down the option list to Follow Up
  3. From the list of options associated with it, click on Add Reminder
  4. In the subsequent Flag for Follow Up window, set the Due by date and the associated time if needed. Ideally the Flag To option should be kept as follow up as default
  5. Next you can choose the flag color for easily tracking the email. It is prudent to choose the Red color flag for emails that are very important.
  6. Click on Ok to save the reminder


Avoiding Data Loss during a catastrophic Outlook Crash

The chances of an Outlook application crashing is slightly high than several other commonly used applications like Ms Word or Excel. However the fact that Outlook crashes can jeopardize the encompassed emails make them a case of concern. Now if you happen to be involved in a business and use the Ms Outlook client for professional dealings then you should always have a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair nearby. This class leading application can tackle a host of files structures and can extract data from Norton Ghost images or crashed remote drives with ease. It incidentally can be used to search for missing PST files and can discover them in quick time. If you have implemented VMware in your office and are using a virtual machine drive, extracting data from them can be tricky and yet this remarkable tool can perform the same with aplomb. Last but not the least the application works brilliantly with mega sized PST files.


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