How to Add Time & Date to the Header & Footer Section of MS Access Report

The article will elaborate on the use of Header and Footer in Access and how users can include Date and Time to them

MS Access allows its users to format their reports in the most convenient ways. There are multiple formatting options which can provide flexibility and make your reports efficient. MS Access has a report Wizard that can help in guiding through the process of report creation. The use and application for which MS Access is used, changes with person to person and thus a higher degree of customization is required which MS Access very well provides.Learn To Include Time And Date Into An MS Access Report In The Header And Footer Section

The greatest strength of any report is in its formatting. If your report is informative and customized according to the content, it will really stand out. You can enhance your reports by adding headers and footers, applying logos and changing color patterns. In this article, we will learn how to add time and date in the header and footer section of MS Access.

Header and Footer

Add Time And Date To The HeaderHeaders are the section of document which contains valuable information and they appear on the top margin, while footers display the information at the bottom. The information they contain can be of any kind such as date, time, document name, page number, etc. They are powerful add-ons and make your reports more organized.

It’s certainly a foolish task to write page number as text every time you finish writing a page, or adding dates to each and every page. Some reports require heading and subheads on each and every page. By adding headers and Footers, you can solve the issue and make your document easier to use and read.

To view header and footers, you can simply click on View command and select Design View. You will find the header and footer in the white blank space between the Page header bar and Page footer Bar. Report footer section appears after the last line of report just above the page footer section which is on the last page.

You can always choose to resize the header/footer section depending on the information that you want to add.

Adding Date and Time to Header/Footer

To add Date and time in Header and Footer sections, you need to select the Design tab and click on Header/Footer. You will find lots of options there such as Page Numbers, Logo, Title and Date and Time. Select the Date and Time option and customize according to your needs. There are various Date and Time formats available in Access, you should check with your authorities or Country’s preferred format. Once you are certain of the time and date format, simply click Okay.

The Date and Time will be displayed in the Header Section. Actually, MS Access sets the date and time by default to display the date and time in Header Section but you can move it to Footer Section easily. Click the Date/time box and simply drag it down towards the footer end.

You can also use header and footer by simply right clicking on the design surface and from the drop down menu, select Report Header and Footer.

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