How to Add Social Buttons to Your Outlook Signature

Would you like to add your social network info to Outlook signature, such as Facebook, twitter, etc? It looks rather stupid if you directly insert plain websites. This article will teach you how to add the colorful social buttons to your signature.

Nowadays, social network is playing an increasingly important role in both our life and work. For instance, when you send emails to your clients, you definitely hope that they can follow your social network accounts as well. In this situation, why don’t you insert your social network info to your signature? Plain websites will look unengaging. Now let’s learn how to add colorful social network buttons.

Add Social Buttons to Your Outlook Signature

  1. For a start, you need to download the social icons. You can search them on your Internet Browser. And Save the icon pictures to the local disk in your computer.Social Icons
  2. Then launch Outlook and create a new email by clicking on “New Email” button under “Home” tab.
  3. In the New Message window, you should click “Signature” button in “Include” group and choose “Signatures” from the drop down list.Signature
  4. Next a new dialog box of “Signatures and Stationery” will show up. Click “New” button to create a new signature and assign a name to it, such as “Social Networks”. After that, click “OK” button.Create a new signature
  5. Turn to the “Edit signature” section. Firstly, you can fill in your common information as usual.
  6. Put your cursor to the place where you would like to add the social network icons. And click on Picture iconPicture icon in the menu bar.Click on picture icon
  7. In the new popup window of “Insert Picture”, you should browse to the folder where the social network icons are saved. Select them totally and click on “Insert” button.Insert Social Icons
  8. After inserting them, you can change its size to your likes. And then select one icon and hit Hyperlink icon.Insert hyperlink to the social icon
  9. Later in the popup dialog box, you should input your social network home page in address bar. And click “OK”.Enter Hyperlink in address bar
  10. Repeat step 8 and 9, to inset the corresponding hyperlinks respectively.
  11. Finally click “OK” button to save the newly created signature.

From now on, every time you apply this signature, when you put cursor on the social network icons, you will see a ScreenTip to guide you how to follow the link. The same holds true for the recipients.Social Buttons

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