Add Reminders to Outlook emails in a jiffy

For getting back to important emails, you can set reminders in Ms Outlook

Add Reminders to Outlook emails in a jiffy

If you thought that MS Outlook only provides you with the facility to add on reminders for important events as a separate feature, then you need to rethink about it. You can even add or remove reminders to Outlook email messages that too in a jiffy without much hassle. Not only does this facility in Outlook saves your time but also makes things easier for you to work on your important emails. Read in detail about how to add reminders in Outlook emails directly instead of using the Reminder feature separately.

Bear in mind that you can anytime add reminders in your email messages, no matter in your sent emails or received emails. Moreover, you can also add reminders to your contacts as well while working in MS Outlook. Whether you know it or not, reminders come up with flags when you set them in email messages. In other words, you can easily set up a reminder and a flag to an item right in your inbox. Now, if you are thinking why flags? Well, then this is because flags act like visual reminders and the items that are flagged automatically appear in the To-Do Bar along with in the Daily Task List of the Calendar Feature.

It is important to note that for those who are not using Outlook regularly, the reminder box does appears but behind the main program that you use while working. So, it is important to note the flashing Outlook icon anywhere in the taskbar and also pay attention to any kind of reminder sound. A useful tip here is to increase the volume of the reminder alarm in case you work in a noisy environment, so that the reminder doesn’t go unnoticed by you.

Now, if you are keen enough to learn how to add reminders to your email messages, then here is at the detailed procedure. Your will first of all need to open a desired message where you wish to add a reminder by clicking the Message Tab and then going to the Tags Group. After this select the Follow Up Option and choose the type of reminder you wish to add. Or you can just go to the message list and choose the message you want and then go to the Home Tab followed by picking the Tags Group and clicking on the Follow Up Option. After this, simply choose the type of reminder you want to add.

For those who wish to add a specific time or date for an email reminder, the best way is to choose the Custom Date. After this choose the Reminder check box and then select a particular date and time for you to flash the reminder flag in Outlook email. However, bear in mind that if you are sending an email with which you have already attached a reminder then that reminder also goes to the recipient of your email message. Just like adding a reminder to an email message, removing it too is a matter of a few steps which you can perform with ease.


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