Add-in Removal May Not work in Ms Outlook in some cases

Most Outlook users areth quite open to the idea of installing Add-ins to extend the functionality of their email client. Many users even attempt to experiment with new Add-ins launched by third party publishers before they decide to buy them. While installing plug-ins is typically a hassle free process, removing them in some cases may become tricky. For example you may have installed a time tracking add-in Outlook and after few days you find that you are not satisfied with its performance or discover it to be error prone. So you go ahead and decide to remove it. However your attempt to uninstall the Add-in simply does not seem to work. In fact, in some cases, if you are attempting to remove an Add-in without the administrator privileges then the process may not work out at all.


Removing Add-ins that are locked in at the system level

Some Outlook Add-ins are locked in at the system level and need administrator rights to be removed. To remove such plug-ins follow the steps mentioned below

  1. On the Windows Desktop you need to click on the Outlook icon and hold down the Shift key
  2. Next in the menu that crops up choose to Run as an Administrator
  3. It would ask for the login credentials of the administrator

Note: If you are not the administrator on your machine then contact the computer support team in your office for the relevant credentials

  1. Once the credentials have been accepted and you are logged in as Administrator,

just go ahead and remove the add-in.


Tricky Cases 

There may be a scenario where the above option may not work. In such cases you need to start the application in Safe mode which will not allow any Add-ins to launch. Then you would have to login as an Administrator and remove the Add-in from the Outlook client.


Faulty Add-Ins can crash the Ms Outlook application

Add-ins in Outlook go a long way in increasing the usability of the Outlook email client. Today there is an Outlook Add-in for nearly every communication and email management task that you can conceive off. From Add-ins of instant messengers to ones for spam filtering, an average Outlook user typically installs a whole bunch of them over a period of time. While Add-ins are clearly beneficial, they can at times conflict with the Outlook application. In fact a faulty Add-in can even crash the Ms Outlook application. In case you have encountered an Outlook crash, the security of the email data stored in it can come at a definite risk. To avoid data loss you should always get hold of a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair in the event of an Outlook crash. Owing to its cutting edge recovery techniques, the application can retrieve all Outlook data present within the corrupted PST files with ease.


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