How to Add and Format Comments in Your Excel (Part II)

In the previous part, we have introduced about inserting, hiding and deleting comments in Excel. And now we will continue talk about how to format comment in Excel.

Once you have inserted a comment into the worksheet, you will certainly input some contents into it. And now we will introduce those settings.

Set Font Format

  1. Select the contents that you want to change the format.
  2. Right click and you will see the new lists.
  3. In the list, click the option “Format Comment”. Then the “Format Comment” will pop up.Choose Format Comment
  4. Now you can set the format of the contents that you have selected.Set Font Format
  5. After all the setting, you can now click “OK”. And then you can see that the font format changes.The Font Format Change

Customize Colors and Line

  1. Right click the border of the comment. And don’t click the inside part of it.
  2. In the new list, click the option “Format Comment”. And then you will see a new window pops up. In the previous part, you will find that there is only one tab “Font” in the window. But here you will find that there are many tabs.Many Tabs

Because this format will take effect to the whole comment, but the former only works on the contents that you select.

  1. In the tab of “Colors and Lines”, you can set the different types of fill color, line color and style according to your need.
  2. And then click “OK”. Now come back to the worksheet, you can see the new appearance of the comment.New Appearance of Comment

Add Background into the Comment

If you get tired of the unchanging background, now you can set the background by yourself.

  1. In the “Format Comment” window that you have open in the “Customize Colors and Line” part, still choose the tab “Colors and Lines”.
  2. Click the small arrow of the “Color” in the part of “Fill”.Fill Effect
  3. In the list, choose the “Fill Effect”. And then a new window will pop up.
  4. In the new window, click the “Picture” tab.Select Picture
  5. And then click the “Select Picture”.
  6. In the new window, choose the picture that you want to make it as the background.Insert Picture
  7. Now click the button “Insert”.
  8. In the “Fill Effects” window, click “OK”.
  9. Then in the “Format Comment” window, click “OK”. Thus, this picture will become the background of the comment.The Background in Comment

You may choose a picture that can enable you to see the contents in comment.

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