How to Add Digital Signatures to Your Excel Files

In Excel, you can use an extra feature to prove your work. So in today’s article, we will introduce the Excel tips of adding digital signature into Excel.

You will certainly sign your name on paper to prove something. And now you can also add your signature into Excel. Here it is called digital signature. And now follow us and see how it works.

Add Digital Signature

In this part, the steps of adding signature into Excel will be demonstrated. In this image, you have finished the task, and now you want to add a signature into it.An Example for Digital Signature

  1. Click the tab of “Insert” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button “Signature Line” in the “Text” part.Click Sgnature Line
  3. In the pop-up window, click “OK”.Click OK
  4. And then you need to input the information in the “Signature Setup”. Input your name into the “Suggested signer”. And then input your title. Next enter your email address into the corresponding text box. Besides, if you want to add comments to the Sign dialog, you can check the option below.Fill the Window
  5. Now click “OK”. Therefore, you can see the signature in the worksheet.Signature
  6. Now right click the signature.
  7. In the new menu, choose “Sign”.Choose Sign
  8. And now you will see the window again. And still click “OK”. If you check the “Don’t show this message again” in step 3, here you will not see this window.Click OK Again
  9. Then in the “Sign” window, input your name into the text box next to the big X.Input Name and Sign
  10. Then click the button “Sign”.
  11. In the new window, it will tell you if you edit the file again, the signature will be invalid. Here click “OK” in the window.Click OK in Window

Thus, you have finished the signature.The Finished Signature

The name that you have input into the text box will appear. And there is also a warning bar in the interface.

Add Handwritten Signature

Except for input your name into the signature, you can also input your handwritten signature into it.

  1. In Step 9 in the previous part, click the “Select Image” in the window.Click Select Image
  2. Then in the window, select the image that you have early prepared.Select the Image
  3. And then click the “Select”. Thus, the image will appear in the “Sign” window.
  4. Now click the button “Sign”.Click Sign
  5. And then in the confirmation window, click “OK”. Thus, you can input your handwritten signature into Excel.The Result

Your Signature could be Damaged in an Excel Corruption

If you suffer from an Excel corruption, the signature in Excel file will also be damaged, too. In order to save the information, you can use a third party tool to recover Excel files. Thus, you can retrieve almost all the lost elements in the damaged Excel.

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