How to Add a Diagonal Line in Your Excel Cell

Most of the time, you will use Excel to arrange and store data. Therefore, you will be very familiar with some features of Excel cells. And some capabilities in Excel have many other usages. Hence today, we will launch the application of how to add diagonal line into the first cell.

In an Excel worksheet, you will certainly make a table. For each of those tables, there will be a cell that is the header of the whole table. And usually this is the upper left cell. In this cell, you need to input the classification of the head column and row. So you need to add a diagonal line in to this cell to make the table perfect. And in the following image, you can see that the classifications of the column and the row.The Upper Left Cell

The two name of the classification are in the cell. And the following is the steps of how to add diagonal line.

Steps to Add Diagonal Line

  1. Right click the cell.
  2. In the pop-up menu, click the option of “Format Cells”. And then a new window of “Format Cells” will pop up.
  3. In the window, click the option of “Border”.Click Border

In addition, the above three steps can also achieve by these steps: Click the target cell -> click the arrow next to the button of “Borders” in the ribbon -> selected the last option “More Borders”.Alternative Steps

  1. Click the option of “diagonal line” on the bottom right corner.Click Diagonal Line
  2. Click “OK”. And then you will see a diagonal line in the cell.The Diagonal Line
  3. Input the first attributes “Name” into the cell.
  4. Press the shortcut key “Alt + Enter” so that the second attribute will be in the next line.
  5. Input the second attribute “Month”.Input Attributes
  6. Put your cursor in front of the “Name”.
  7. Press the space bar on the keyboard and then adjust the distance according to the width of the cell. And after all the steps, you have finished your cell in the table.The Finished Cell

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