How to Add Data to Access Tables in Datasheet View

 This article explains you the simple steps to add data in an Access table in the datasheet view.

An Access database consists of a collection of objects such as reports, queries, forms, tables etc. which works together to ensure that your database functions properly. We all create multiple tables in our databases to organize and manage our field properly. Users can use Table’s Datasheet View, in order to perform actions like changing, inserting, viewing or deleting any piece of data from the Table.Adding Data In Access Tables In Datasheet View

A large amount of data requires regular maintenance and updates. It is important for the user to make regular changes on his/her database. Unlike some other database software, which involves a long process for making these small changes in their database, Access provides a Datasheet View, in which users can make all kinds of necessary changes in their Table without wasting their time on long codes and procedures. Access can store tons of data, which records a collection of all type of objects like Table, fields etc. Here is how users can use Access Datasheet View to simplify these record tasks.

Basic Features of Datasheet View

  • Users can look at their data in columns and rows in a datasheet without using any special formatting.
  • Whenever a user creates a web table, MS Access automatically creates and displays two views which the user can start using instantly for data entry.
  • When a user opens a table in Datasheet View it resembles an MS Excel worksheet, and the user can paste or add data in one or multiple fields.
  • Users don’t need to explicitly save their data. Access commits user’s changes in the table when they move their cursor in the same row towards a new field, or if they move their cursor towards another row.
  • Access database fields are by default set to accept a certain type of data, like text or numbers. Users must insert the type of data which can be accepted by the field. If user doesn’t follow this rule, MS Access can show an error message

Steps for Adding Data in Access Tables in Datasheet View

Note that users can insert, add, change, update or delete any field from a given table, by using the Datasheet view. However, they should ensure to make a copy of these Tables while making significant changes on the table. As once saved the user won’t be able to go back to last information of data.

  • Select Datasheet ViewStep 1: Open the database file in which you wish to insert new data.
  • Step 2: Go to View > and Select Datasheet View option located in the ribbon and insert the data or information that you wish to add in the table.
  • Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and 2, to add some data in another table.
  • Step 4: Save the Table after inserting new data in it.

As you can see adding new data in a new or existing table doesn’t require you to perform any complex tasks. It just requires the users to open their table in a Datasheet View, while working in a spreadsheet and perform the necessary changes. However, if the user wants to delete any data from the table, he/she will have to select the entire row and then select the delete button.

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