How to Add Colorful Smileys to Your Outlook Messages Rapidly

When we type “:)” in a message, it will become an emoticon like smile emoticon immediately. But these smileys in Outlook are limited for choice and not very pretty. This article will teach you how to add colorful and interesting smileys to Outlook.

There is no doubt that smileys can express our feelings more clearly than texts. Therefore, instead of plain texts, I prefer to add various emoticons to message body, which can make my emails become more attractive. In addition, I always add colorful smileys rather than the existing smileys without colors. Here is my quick approach.

Add Colorful Smileys to AutoCorrect Entries

  1. First of all, you should search several colorful smileys on Internet and save them as pictures to local. For example, you can refer to Skype emoticons. Now I will take the “sad” emoticon sad emoticon as an example.
  2. Create a new message. In New Message window, switch to “Insert” tab and click “Picture” icon to insert the emoticon image.Insert Picture
  3. In message body, pitch on the inserted emoticon image.
  4. Then go to “File” menu, select “Options” and switch to “Mail” tab, under which you should click “Spelling and AutoCorrect” button. And in the subsequent window, click “AutoCorrect Options” button.AutoCorrect Options
  5. In the new popup dialog box of “AutoCorrect in Email”, you can see the inserted picture located in “With” field. What you should do is to enter a shortcut in “Replace” field. In order to distinguish this emoticon from other autocorrect items, I prefer to utilize “((:” to replace the sad emoticon sad emoticon.Add Colorful Smileys to AutoCorrect Entries
  6. Moreover, you should also ensure that “Formatted text” is selected.
  7. Next click “Add” button. You can see it in the following list. The image has become “*”. But do not panic. It is only a symbol.Image becomes "*"
  8. Finally click several “OK” to return New Message window. You can have a try. Just type “((:”, and the sad emoticon sad emoticon will replace the characters instantly.

Note: To quickly access to Autocorrect dialog box, you can add it to Quick Access Toolbar. Just click the down arrow in QAT and select “More Commands” from the dropdown list. In the next window, select “AutoCorrect Options” in the left box and click “Add” button. Eventually click OK” to back to original window. You can see a green circle in QAT. That is the icon of “AutoCorrect Options”.Add AutoCorrect Options to QAT

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