How to Add Check Boxes and Option Buttons in Your Excel Worksheets

Excel allows people to set options in worksheets. Thus, today we have the usage of adding check boxes and option buttons into Excel.

One of the functions of Excel is questionnaire. For example, if you are a teacher, and you need to know what your student want to do and what fruit they like, you can use the Excel files to collect the result. So you can use the check boxes and option buttons to finish the worksheet.An Example of Worksheet

Add Developer Tab in the Ribbon

Before you add the check boxes or option buttons, you need first add the “Developer” tab into the ribbon.

  1. Right click any of an existing tab on the ribbon.Right Click an Existing Tab
  2. And then select the option “Customize the Ribbon”.
  3. And then in the new pop-up window, check the “Developer” on the “Main Tabs”.Check Developer
  4. And now you can click “OK”. Thus, the developer tab is also in the ribbon.The Developer in the Ribbon

Add Check Boxes or Option Buttons in Excel

And now you can move on and add check boxes or option buttons.

  1. Click the “Developer” and you will be in the ribbon of this tab.
  2. And then click the button of “Insert”. And you will see a new menu.
  3. And in the new menu, click the “Check Box” or the “Option Button”. Here if you need only one answer from other people, you should use the “Option Button”. And if the answer can be multiple, you need use the “Check Box”. And the “Option Button” is round and the other is square.Click Insert and Add Box
  4. And then you will find that the shape of the mouse is “+”. Then you can add the box or button. Carefully drag your mouse in the cell below.Drag the Mouse

And then you will create a button.The Created Button

  1. And then right click the button.
  2. And in the new menu, click the “Edit Text”. And then you can rename the button according to your need.Edit Text
  3. Repeat the step 3-6 and you can finish your worksheet.The Finished Worksheet

Here you may find that students can only choose one work but multiple fruits.

Besides, if there are several independent questions, you should first insert “Group Box” into Excel. With this box, the boxes and buttons will not interfere with each other. And it is also in the menu of “Insert”.Group Box

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