Actively Use the Mailbox Cleanup Options to keep your Inbox in Shape

The Outlook k-bigpicInbox is invariably the first place where all your emails land up except spam. Quite naturally over a period time it would get filled up with a lot of emails. Now an Inbox containing thousands of emails is not only difficult to manage, it also reduces the response time of the Outlook application. Ideally you should use the Mailbox Cleanup tools in Outlook to keep the Inbox in shape. Let’s explore the different features available under Mailbox Cleanup in Depth.


Start By Checking the Size of your Mailbox

At the very outset you should start with checking the size of your mailbox and to do so you need to access the Mailbox cleanup screen. It can be found under the Tools tab in the top menu bar. Once the Mailbox cleanup screen appears, click on View Mailbox Size to learn the size of your mailbox. The size of individual folders too is shown here for easy reference.


The Mailbox cleanup feature allows you to trace old items and emails over a certain size

Next with this tool you can choose to find files that are over a certain size and delete some of them if feasible. Similarly you can trace out very old emails and move them to folder of your choice or archive them.


Delete Alternate Versions of Emails and Empty Deleted Items Folder

From the Mailbox cleanup tool, you can trace out copies of emails and other data stored in the Outlook application folders and delete them in one go. Before deleting them you can also check size of the conflicting items. Next you can also empty the contents of the deleted items folder permanently after reviewing the space they occupy.


Initiate Auto Archive of Folders

From with the Mailbox cleanup screen you get the options to Auto Archive folders. If you have not enforced custom settings, default auto archive settings would apply.


A bloated and wobbly Inbox can lead to a PST crash

The Ms Outlook application has over the years improved its capacities in holding large amounts of data. In contrast to the erstwhile limit of 2GB, most latest iterations of Outlook can easily contain data running over 10GB with ease. However PST errors continue to plague all Outlook iterations till date and a large Inbox file is relatively more prone to errors. Now if you still have lots of data in your inbox after running mailbox cleanup tools, it time for you to think of a contingency feature and invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. In the unfortunate event of an Outlook crash, this remarkable application can quickly get back all the data items stored in Outlook client including contacts and notes without fail. Moreover even if you have saved the PST file on a network drive or on an optical disk, the tool can successfully recover the data without breaking a sweat.


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