A Whole New Outlook

The far and away leader in business emailing platforms is the powerful Microsoft Outlook. This email service offers the standard array of emailing options along with many more that are rarely incorporated into the average users communications. Recent third party software developments also provide a significant resource in maintaining proper Outlook operations. Some of these may only be useful to those whose business activities involve high quantities of daily email trafficking,, but others could add a new level of control and efficiency to the communications of general Outlook users.

Seemingly everyone has personal experience with a corrupted email account. Manifestations of such corruption appear in the form of inaccessible accounts or strange messages being spammed to your contacts. Cases such as this are where recent third party software applications really can play a major part in improving your Outlook experience. One such tool you can use when to combat suspected intrusion is an inbox repair tool. This tool employs proprietary Datanumen software to examine an outlook email account and repair all types of files within, thus alleviating the destructive symptoms of malware infection.

There are also a host of internal tools one can employ to increase the effectiveness and applications of Microsoft outlook. One common trouble with Microsoft Outlook can be the vast amount of time it takes to sift through old emails when one realizes there is some piece of information or document you need to retrieve. The further back the information exists chronologically the more difficult it can be to find. Using the archiving feature found under the file tab by clicking on data file management and add new, you can create an archive. This archive should appear as the bottom most file on the left side of the screen. You can then edit this archive to store all communications falling between certain dates into neat files that occupy less space than the separate emails would in your inbox and are also separately searchable.

With a bit of exploration you can even make Outlook automatically archive files after a certain time period, which will free up hard drive space and improve the responsiveness of Microsoft Outlook.

Many more tools exist to improve the experience offered by Outlook. From automating significant parts of ones email related work load to automatically flagging significant keywords. Explore for yourself and see just how much you can improve your own Outlook!

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including outlook repair, sql recovery, word recovery and excel software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com.

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