A Quick Overview About Search Folders in Outlook

While using the 3661252-640873-search-in-folderssearch feature in Ms Outlook you may have thought about saving some of the complex queries that you create. However saving queries in Outlook not feasible and instead the Search Folder option can be used to achieve similar results. At the very outset you need to understand that a Search folder is essentially a virtual folder which does not hold any physical space. Outlook by default uses certain search folders like Unread Email and Large Mail to display certain emails that meet their search criteria.


Creating a Search Folder

The process of creating a search folder is fairly simple and steps may vary as per the Outlook iteration you have. For latest iterations like Outlook 2013 you can simply head to Folders tab and click on New Search Folders. For older iterations you need to first click on File tab and then on New and choose Search Folders.

When the New Search Folder screen shows up, you need to choose a folder from the existing option or opt to create a custom folder. The custom option is preferable if you are looking to save a complex query. Once you choose the custom search folder option a new popup screen would appear where you would need to specify the criteria. When you click on Criteria, your normal Advanced Find screen comes into the picture. You can create the query as you would have done in a normal search and then choose the folder where you wish the search to execute. You also would have to assign a name to the Search folder and then click Ok. A folder with desired results will show up on the screen.


Key Facts about Search Folders

Owing to their virtual nature, search folders essentially can be used to save repeated search queries that you typically make. Moreover even if you delete a search folder, the emails contained in it are not affected. Outlook incidentally provides several predefined search folders for your convenience. For example there are folders for Important Mail under the Reading Mail grouping which can be accessed when the New Search Folder Screen comes into view.


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